USEFUL TIPS Pest problems are extremely common. You should know that your house accommodates at least one type of pest or the other. A single cockroach or even mouse is enough to set up a whole colony, without you even knowing it. You can take the defence right on by implementing a few steps to keeping pests out.

The following are some tips for the exterior and interior of your home.
  1. Block every possible entry to your home
  2. Keep your kitchen and dining area clean
  3. Eliminate all stagnant water pools
  4. Maintain your lawns and patios
  5. Store food in proper way
  6. Check all your wooden furniture and fixtures at regularly
  7. Check all your wooden furniture and fixtures at regularly
  8. Lookout for spider webs and lizards
  9. Keep the dust and slug out
  10. Keep your potable water source clean

Hire a professional

When things get out of hand, you can give the license to kill to a pest control service provider. You can also hire facility management service to trim and clean your home with better care. Remember, Solace Corporation is a one-stop solution to make your life healthy, happy and easy in a more efficient manner than you can do for yourself.